Choice of chicken or beef barbecued on skewers, served with specially prepared peanut sauce.

Saigon Dices$8.25

Dices of tenderloin beef, marinated and sauteed to perfection. Served with refreshing Vietnamise pepper lime sauce.

Som-Tum (Shrimp Papaya Salad)$8.25

Chopped papaya and carrot salad with spicy sweet and sour dressing, seasoned with garlic and chili, then topped with shrimps and ground roasted peanut.

Pheasant Wings$8.00

Stuffed chicken wings with shrimp, chicken and vegetable, served with sweet chili sauce.

Fresh Rolls$7.50

Steamed vermicelli, tofu, lettuce, carrot and basil, wrapped in fresh spring roll skin, served with Vietnamese peanut sauce.

Siam Rolls$6.75

Crispy spring rolls stuffed with ground chicken and vegetable, served with spicy white turnip sauce.

Vegetable Rolls$6.75

Crispy vegetable spring rolls, served with spicy white turnip sauce.

Shrimp in the Blanket$8.25

Fresh whole shrimps wrapped in crispy egg roll skins, served with house sweet chili sauce.

Half Moon Pancake$8.25

Browned and crispy Thai style pancake stuffed with minced shrimp and scallions; served with nutty cucumber sauce.

Steamed Dumpling$7.25

Homemade dumplings filled with chicken, onions and scallions; served with a soy ginger sauce.

Tofu Triangles$6.50

Fresh tofu deep fried ’til golden brown; served with sweet chili sauce and grounded peanuts.


Hot and Sour Shrimp Soup$4.25

The famous Thai hot and sour soup. Spiced with chili, lemon grass, mushrooms and lime juice.

Chicken Coconut Soup$4.25

Mild and delicious chicken soup with coconut milk, galangal and lime juice

Wonton Soup(Hot & Sour or Clear Soup)$4.25

Wonton stuffed with chicken in hot & sour or clear soup with napa leaves.

Glass Noodle Soup$4.25

Shrimp, bean threads, snow pea, napa and baby corn in clear broth.

Tofu Vegetable Soup$4.25

Fresh soft tofu with mixed vegetable in mild clear soup.

Thai Salads

Simple Green Salad$4.75

An assortment of fresh green vegetable in special peanut dressing.

Chicken Salad$7.25

Sliced barbecued chicken on bed of fresh green vegetables, dressed with special peanut dressing.

Spicy Salads

Beef Salad$13.75

Thinly sliced broiled sirloin on green vegetables with spicy lime sauce.

Larb Kai$13.00

Minced chicken tossed with red onion, mushroom, scallion; seasoned with spicy lime sauce, rice powder and coriander.

Seafood Yum Yum $15.75

Sour and spicy fried shrimp, squid, scallop, chunk of fish with mushroom, onion, ginger, tomatoes, chili and scallion.

Plar Goong$15.75

Blushing grilled shrimps in chili paste, onion, tomatoes, and mushroom; mixed in lime juice and a touch of scallions.

Green Papaya Specialties

Hunglay Chicken$12.75

Sautéed chicken with a tamarind-based dry Burmese curry, green bean, red pepper and red onions.

Beef Panang$13.25

Sauté of thinly sliced beef sirloin in spicy Thai Panang Curry, lemon leaves, mushroom, baby corn, peppers and basil leaves; topped with walnuts.

Papaya Garden$12.75

Boiled chicken or pork on bed of carrot, cauliflower, sweet pota-toes, green bean and broccoli; topped with special peanut sauce.

Chicken Pineapple$13.25

Sautéed chicken with pineapple, cashew nuts, snow peas, toma-toes, yellow squash, onion and curry powder.

Tender Duckling$15.75

Boneless steamed duck stir-fried with mushroom, scallion, ginger, green oriental vegetable and delicious brown honey lemon sauce.

Seafood Madness$17.25

A sautéed of shrimps, scallops, squid, mussels and chuck of fish in hot chili, onions, mushroom, bell peppers with spices and herbs.

Thai Barbecued Chicken$13.75

Barbecued Boneless chicken breast, marinated in homemade herbs and spices; served with sticky rice and sweet & sour chili sauce.

Orange Chicken$12.75

Sautéed battered crispy chicken with tangerine sauce, served on steamed broccoli, sprinkle with sesame seed.

Beef Macadamia$13.25

Marinated cubed of tender beef, stir-fried with macadamia nuts, mushroom and scallions; complemented with fresh lettuce.

Oriental Salmon$15.75

Sautéed fresh salmon chunks with snow peas, green beans, mushrooms, red onion, eggplants and chili pepper in red curry sauce.

Papaya Hot Beef$13.25

Sautéed tender slices of beef with green papaya and assorted vege-tables together with a delicious southern country-style sauce.

Shrimps in the Pot$15.75

Steamed large succulent shrimps with traditional spices, bean thread noodles, black mushroom, scallion, mushrooms, red peppers and carrots in special Thai soy bean sauce.

Grilled Salmon & Mango Salad$16.75

Salmon, marinated with spices garlic cloves, grilled to perfection and topped with mango & chili salad sauce.

Tender Beef Delight$13.25

Sautéed sliced beef sirloin with baby corns, straw mushrooms, tomatoes, Tofu and green pepper, in mild pineapple sauce.

Salmon in the Garden$15.75

Sautéed pungent salmon in delicious ginger yellow bean sauce with assorted fresh vegetables.

Duck Choo Chee$15.50

Boneless roasted duck sautéed in Thai Choo Chee curry and vegetables.

Seafood Offerings

Lover’s Scampi$14.75

Large succulent shrimps, stir-fried in light Malay curry powder and served on top of fresh picked vegetables.

Pad Ped Pla$14.25

Fresh fish filet, sautéed in hot green chili sauce with wild cherry eggplants, red onion, mushroom and bamboo shoot.

Pla ‘n Vegetables$14.25

Stir-fried fresh fish filet in tama-rind sauce and assorted vegetables.

Sizzling Pla Platter$18.75

Deep fried whole fish topped with house special ginger-soybean sauce, onion, red pepper, mushroom and scallion.

Chon Buri Squid$14.75

Tender squid sautéed in tasty fresh minced hot peppers, sweet basil, onion, mushroom and peppers.

Seafood Bouquet$17.25

Steamed shrimp, scallop, squid, fish and vegetables in delightful broth.

Shrimp ‘n Broccoli$14.75

Sautéed shrimps with broccoli and mushroom in oyster sauce.

Salmon Choo Chee$17.75

Chunk of salmon, broiled to perfection and topped with spicy shrimp curry sauce, snow peas, baby corn, red pepper and fresh basil leaves.

Seaman’s Platter$18.75

Fried whole fish topped with hot chili garlic sauce.

Grandma’s Shrimps$14.75

Stir-fried shrimps with ginger, tomatoes, snow peas, baby corns and white nuts in spicy yellow bean sauce.

Lemon Scallops$15.25

A sauté of sea scallops with fresh lemon juice, garlic, ginger, black mushrooms and green oriental vegetables.

Siam Seafood$15.75

Sauté of shrimp, squid and scallops with cashew nuts, mushrooms, snow peas, celery and scallions in a mild chili sauce.

Curry Offerings

Red Curry$12.75

A choice of chicken or pork, sauté in Thai Red curry sauce with mushroom, bamboo shoots, eggplant, Thai melon and peppers.

Yellow Curry$12.75/13.75

A choice of chicken or beef, sauté in mild Yellow curry sauce with pineapples, onions, tomatoes and summer squash.

Erawan Curry$12.75/13.75

Sauté of sliced chicken or beef sirloin in spicy Green chili sauce with green beans, peppers, eggplants, Thai melons and basil leaves.

Green Curry$12.75/15.50

A choice of chicken, duck or shrimps sautéed in hot Green curry sauce with string beans, bamboo shoots, Thai melon, eggplants and green pepper.

Masaman Curry$12.75/13.75

A choice of chicken or beef sautéed in fine Thai-Indonesian curry sauce with sweet potatoes, onions, carrot and peanuts.

Mango Curry$16.75

Sautéed chicken and shrimps in hot curry sauce with mango, onions, baby corns, mushrooms, carrot and bell peppers.

Interesting Pan-Fried Dishes

Beef Lemongrass$13.75

Marinated sliced of sirloin, whole garlic, celery, mushroom, carrot and shallots. Sautéed to perfection.

Chicken Cashew Nuts$13.25

Sliced chicken sautéed with roasted cashew nuts, dried chili, onion, mushroom, snow peas, red pepper and scallion

Chicken/Beef Basil$12.75/13.75

Sautéed chicken or beef with fresh minced hot pepper, basil leaves, mushroom, peppers and onion.

Pine Nuts Chicken$13.25

Tender chicken sautéed with pine nuts and assorted colorful vegetables in a fragrant ginger sauce.

Chicken/Beef ‘n Broccoli$12.75/13.75

Sauté of chicken or beef with broccoli and mushrooms in oyster sauce.

Pik-King Shrimp$14.75

Sautéed shrimps in special Pik-King (chili ginger) sauce with string beans, lemon leaves, peppers and topped with pinenuts.

Ka Prow Kai$12.75

Stir-fried ground chicken in Thai style chili sauce with red pepper, onion, Mexican pepper and basil leaves.

Sweet and Sour Chicken$12.75

Sauté of chicken in sweet and sour sauce and assorted vegetables.

Pork/Chicken Ginger$12.75

Sautéed sliced pork or chicken with mushrooms, peppers, baby corn, onion, dried chili and scallion in ginger-soybean sauce.

Pork Garlic$13.25

Thinly sliced pork loin and marinated in garlic oil, white pepper and soy sauce. Stir-fried with garlic, mushrooms and scallions.

Wild Boar Basil$13.25

Pan fried tender pork with fresh mushroom, green peppercorns, fresh basil, hot chili peppers and wild cherry eggplants in Thai spicy sauce.

Tamarind Pork$13.25

Tender pork sautéed with snow peas, baby corns, red pepper and bamboo shoots in our house special spicy tamarind sauce.

Hot Mango Shrimp$14.75

Shrimps sautéed with fresh mango, cashew nuts, green bean, mushrooms and baby corn in hot chili sauce.

Vegetarian Corner

Vegetable Fried Rice$10.75

Fried rice with assorted fresh vegetables.

Tofu Royal$11.75

Sautéed fried-tofu with mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, bean sprouts, scallions and brown ginger sauce.

Vegetables Curry$11.75

Sautéed assorted fresh vegetables in Red curry sauce.

Hot Pot Vegetables$12.25

Steamed fresh assorted vegetables and tofu in aromatic thin soy sauce and garnished with ginger and scallions.

Noodle Tofu$10.75

Pan-fried fresh rice noodles with tofu and assorted vegetables.


Sautéed assorted fresh vegetables with oyster sauce.

Noodles and Fried Rice

Pad Thai$11.25

The most famous Thai noodle dish, fried with shrimps, ground pea nuts, egg, bean sprouts, scallions and Thai spices.

Pad Woonsen$11.25

Thai jelly noodles fried with shrimps, egg, green peas, Chinese cabbage and assorted vegetables.

Chiang Mai Noodle Soup$9.75/10.75

Thai Northern style curry noodle soup with chicken or beef with yellow noodle, bean sprout, red onion and pickle mustard.

Tomyum Chicken Noodle Soup $9.75

Hot and sour noodle soup with yellow or rice noodle, ground chicken, bean sprout, ground peanuts and lime juice.

Singapore Fried Noodles$11.75

Stir-fried thin rice noodles with shrimps, scallops, squid, bean sprouts and scallions in mild yellow curry sauce.

Siam Fried Rice$11.25

Fried rice with shrimps, chicken, egg, snow peas, onions, green peas, red pepper, raisins, pineapples, and tomatoes.

Pineapple Fried Rice$11.75

Fried rice with shrimps, crabmeat, chicken, pineapples, red pepper, onion, snow peas, baby corns, raisins, green peas and curry powder with grated dried pork on top.

Hot & Crazy Noodles$11.25/12.25

Pan-fried fresh rice noodles with choice of chicken or beef, onion, Thai eggplants, hot pepper and basil leaves.

Udon Noodle$10.75/11.75

Stir-fried Udon noodle Japanese style with chicken or beef and vegetable.

Basil Fried Rice$11.25

Fried rice with shrimps, chicken, egg, green beans, red pepper, onions , hot pepper and basil leaves.

Indonesian Fried Rice$11.25

Fried rice with shrimps, black mushrooms and red curry sauce flavor; topped with sliced barbequed chicken.

Noodles Tender Chicken or Beef$11.25/12.25

Soft rice noodles pan fried with sliced beef sirloin or chicken, egg, Soya sauce, bean sprouts and Chinese broccoli.

Side Dishes

Plain Boiled Rice$1.75

Brown Rice$2.00

Sticky Rice or Steamed Noodles$2.25


Lychees in Syrup on Ice$3.75

Rambutan in Syrup on Ice$3.75

Ginger Ice Cream$4.50

Coconut Ice Cream$4.50

Ice Cream or Sorbet$4.50

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy. We can alter spice according to your favorite taste. Also, we do not use MSG in preparing your food. All prices subject to state tax.

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